Texas Houston


These are my new companions here in Texas, im in a trio!

Im here in Houston Texas, my visas was not approved in time for Argentina.  I dont know how long i will be here in Texas, but im happy to be here everything is great! I have two trainers, elder Richens and Hamelau.  Richens has one month left and Hamelau has about 10 months in the field.

Everyday is warm here pretty much, even when it rains.  The other day while walking to our apartment, it started pouring rain and we were getting soaked, as we passed the catholic hospital in our area, a mexican woman pulling out offered us a ride. it was awesome, even though there was only 2 seats in the back we all squished in and made it.

When it storms… its storms!! All the car alarms go off when there is thunder, its crazy loud.

I love it, especially the weather.

MTC was good. I roomed with Elder Day, Linde and Almond. Richard G. Scott spoke while i was there at one of the devotionals which was awesome.  I love the gospel, its true.  The mission is good. Its hard work, but salvation aint cheap either! Glad to be here in Texas and im stoked to go to Argentina hopefully soon.

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