Week 2 Texas Houston


Texas sunset.

This week has been aweome, in term of teaching, we have 3 investigators with baptismal dates which is super cool.  Especially since this area hasnt had a baptism for 1 1/2 years. crazy. And we are meeting with a referral this week and also some contacts we met last week who seem pretty solid, im pretty stoked. Hopefully they keep with it all and follow through and learn that jesus can give them the best life.


We found a snake the other day haha that was pretty sweet, heres a pic, there also a lot of dogs running around here its kinda weird.


Here are the two other elders from my district, elder francen and abadillo.

In the mornings my comps and i drive over to the church and play bball which is awesome.  I sleep on the couch in our apartment cause theres only two beds, and i was cool with it anyways. ill get pictures of the apartment up soon.

When we dont eat at a members house, we eat at home, which for me is usually top ramen and sandwiches haha so its not too different from what i ate during college anyways. its gooooood.  gotta keep a tight budget though.

We went to the mexican flee market on saturday.. was pretty crazy.. they sold pretty much everything there, its semi cheap. people would look at us like we were the fbi or something, with our white shirts etc and im sure me wearing my aviators didnt help! but it was fun. produce at these markets is super cheap its crazy.

Im in a car area.  we started out walking everything, i liked that the best. but then we got a car because our area is so big so its cool.


Heres a pic of part of the district.

Im learning the most about the atonement and how its the central doctrine to life itself.  How all ordinances, convenants, commandments and counsels of the lord point to the doctrine of the atonement in my progression on big and small term perspectives.  To really learn what Jesus Christ has done, is doing and will do for every soul.  A really good book im about halfway through with is “the infinite atonement” by callister.  Ive always looked for a book that talked about the atonement like this one, so its really hit home and as i learn and live these truths, its unbelievable.  To be able to share to others on how to begin a endless jouney through the atonement is an incredible feeling.

But the doctrine of christ in terms of what it looks like on paper is fairly simple.

1. Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Recieve the Holy Ghost, Endure to the end.

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