Houston Week 3



This last week was really cool we got to do a temple session at the Houston temple.  I loved it , it was really cool inside.



The outside is super awesome, courtyard is cool too.



Here is my zone.. im on the very left!

So my pops wanted some pictures of my apartment.. here they are.. apartment is dirty buttttt! its all good!

This is the couch where i sleep… every night.. haha




This is my desk… super messy





Here is our kitchen!!



The bedroom








A couch




The outside of our apartment!





So on saturday night, Elder Abadillo got hit by a car on his bike which was crazy.. We went to the hospital and nothing to serious happened.  He was crossing the street and a black escalade was making a turn and hit him and then drove around him and sped off. No one could get the license plate or anything so the cops couldnt do anything.  He has a big boot on his foot and has to wear that for a few weeks! it was crazy.

Were looking to hopefully have 4 baptismal dates for this month, we have 2, and we are working for a third and fourth.  Their names are Vanessa and Ashley, the two who have baptismal dates. Ones 15, the other 13, they come from a part member family.

Then their is Sandra and then Alvarado who we are working with to get baptismal dates as well.  This area hasnt had a baptism in 1 1/2 years… so hopefully these follow through and we’ll be making some history!

Meeting with these investigators is aweomse, i love it.  Being able to help others recognize their path of life by teaching them how to pray is so awesome.  People who cant pray and are shy about it will soon say some of the best prayers, short but heartfelt.

I got to call home for mothers day and speak with my mom and family.  It was the best, it was good to hear all their voices.  I love my mom and am grateful for everything shes done in my life.

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