Houston Week Cuatro (4!!)

Yo yo yo. This week has been way good.  A lot went on and what not.  As far as progressing investigators, we have 3 baptisms for Saturday June second.. sooo excited for them.

One of the ladies i believe is in her 60s, so excited for her. she is definitely ready.

The other 2 are sisters, Ashley who is 13 and Vanessa who is 15.  They are way cool, i have loved helping them.  It was the best to see how they were so nervous to pray when we first started teaching them but now they are open about praying and participating, its so awesome.  They will come and talk to us when we get to the house and everything when before they would go into a different room or something haha its just been way awesome to see them change like that.  Its cool to see them grow stronger, my mom was baptized around their same age, and so it helps put more perspective into understanding my moms conversion story too.

I know this gospel will change their lives just as much as they want it to.  The way is the same for everyone, faith, repentance, baptism, holy ghost, endure to the end.

A man once asked Christ “Master, what is the way?”And Jesus said “I am the way.”

Sometimes myself, i complicate things when the way is very simple.  The law and counsel wont change to fit what i understand, but i have to increase my understanding of christ in order to more fully appreciate the simplicity of the Saviors message.

On friday night, my parents called a pizza hut here in Texas and had pizza delivered to my apartment, but i wasnt home, i was on an exchange… so i missed it! haha but saturday night after i got home, we put it in the oven and ate it which was awesome.

Also, saturday night the ward had a mothers day party.. yeah a week late haha it was good though, they had a dude come sing live and what not, the music was soooo loud i couldnt hear myself think… if you have eever been to a hispanic party like that haha it was fun though, here are some pictures.


Heres of a dance some of the young kids of the ward did.


This picture is with Hermano Lastra, he is awesome!!  We might go fishing one of these p days or something which would be way cool! But yeah him and his wife are way awesome.


This next picture is with Licet and her baby chick.  They have a few of them and after we taught a lesson, i got to hold it, was way awesome.  This family is super awesome, very humble and nice as well.


We had some sweet walking sticks this last week… more like lord or the ring staffs hahaha we got a lot of looks from cars, it was pretty funny.


This next one is me rockin’ the phanny pack. I didnt want to bring one when i left cause they look kinda… well they are nerdy haha.  Buttttt my sachel is worse to carry than this, sooo i wanted to pose with this sweet baby!! haha, im reading the talk “Meekness; a true attribute of discipleship” one of the best talks… read it!


Wells ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, i gotta run! My companionship no longer has a car, we are walking and are on bikes, which is awesome. i like bikes the best.. walking can take foreverrrrr and walking in the boonies there are always the craziest areas of houston so we got to watch our back haha.. a few dogs chased us on bikes, so awesome.

Til next week!

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One Response to Houston Week Cuatro (4!!)

  1. Laura says:

    HAHAHA that fanny pack is amazing! You should continue to wear that when you come home too. It’s real classy.

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