Houston Week 5

This week was great.  Working hard and preparing a few for a baptismal service this upcoming week.  Its the best how the Lord and His atonement changes all people who come to him. The Lord wants us to come with a willing heart and mind, and he has set forth the way to communicate with him and He invites each of us to pray out loud and in our hearts, each morning and night.  Prayer is our communication with Heavenly Father.  It is important to pray everyday so that we can receive answers by the Holy Ghost.  The Holy Ghost will bring all knowledge and understanding.  We can ask God anything and talk to him about everything.  Without prayer, communication with God is hindered, which means its harder to recieve answers to the questions we have. Without prayer, it means we have to find other sources that will listen if we want to be heard.  Because God is perfect, he understands our prayers perfectly, better than we do, isnt that comforting? He hears perfectly.  Theres only one way to know whether God is listening, if he cares, or if he is there. And thats asking him. To continually ask him questions, giving thanks and praying for others, therein lies comfort! Pray and believe he will answer you. I promise he will.

Last week on pday, we walked around downtown, it was cool, here are some pictures!

This one is in the Chase building… sooooo high up.


Here is elder abadillo, myself, hermana zabriskie and hermana guiterrez!


This is at some water fountain deal, myself, elder abadillo and francen.


Andddd Elder Richins and Hamelau!


And here is from zone interviews, practice teaching with elder cobabe


and a sweet honda cafe racer motorbike downtown houston



And here is the zone after zone interviews!


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