Houston Week 6

This week has been great.  Saturday night the Lord received two baptisms, two more daughters of God into His church.  Vanessa who is 15 and Ashley who is 14.  They are amazing young ladies who im very proud of, everyone is proud of them.



left to right.  Stephanie, Elder Richins, Ashley, Elder Hamelau, Vanessa, Me, little (madeline?) and Martha.



Chillin after the baptismal service, so happy for vanessa and ashley.



Us again!



Us and Hermana Alvarado after her baptism!

A few quotes i took from some talks i read this week are as follows!

“The question has been often asked, Is the mission program one of compulsion? And the answer, of course, is no. Everyone is given his free agency. … he should pay his tithing, like he should attend his meetings, like he should keep his life clean and free from the ugliness of the world and plan a celestial marriage in the temple of the Lord.” (or Ensign, May 1974, p. 87.)

“I remind you young men that regardless of your present age, you are building your life; it will be cheap and shoddy or it will be valuable and beautiful; it will be full of constructive activities or it can be destructive; it can be full of joy and happiness, or it can be full of misery. It all depends upon you and your attitudes, for your altitude, or the height you climb, is dependent upon your attitude or your response to situations.” (Ensign, Nov. 1974,p. 80.)

Thomas S. Monson “do not pray for tasks equal to your abilities, but pray for abilities equal to your tasks. Then the performance of your tasks will be no miracle, but you will be the miracle.”

What a great week, last week of the transfer, went by so fast and the companionship is so happy we were able to help 3 people come unto Christ in baptism.  We are really grateful to have shared with others something as basic as saying hello, passing out a card with Christs picture on it, or giving discussion about the Lords restored Gospel.  A simple wave, pass out card, discussion or baptism are ways people come closer to Christ!

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