Houston Weeks 7 – 8 (Transfer 2)

Week 7

Wow! its been an awesome week.  We had transfers, i am now companions with Elder Franden and Langenbelik.. Elder Langenbelik just got here to the mission this last week and so elder Frandsen and I are training him.  Its awesome.  Elder Frandsen is from sandy, we live really close to eachother, hes way awesome, im stoked were companions and Langenbelik is from Hawaii, hes so awesome, this is a great trio and im stoked to be in it.

Elder Richins went home last week, it was really different having him go and then Elder Hamelau being transferred out of the area, that way crazy as well.  Im happy to be in this companionship training, its great.


We are working with a woman named Gloria, before meeting with us, She already had a testimony that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God.  She had already read the introductory pages in the Book of Mormon as well as the testimony of the witnesses contained there.  She is very nice, a sweet lady, shes in her 50s and we hope she continues to seek the spirit of the lord through prayer and scripture and will be willing to accept the invitation to follow the example of Jesus Christ into baptism.  To then continue on the path of life to the temple.


Ashley and Vanessa

She has felt the holy ghost testify of the truth.  The Holy Ghost testifies of the truth, ive felt many times this constant companion of truth.  The Holy Ghost is one of the greatest gifts one could recieve, its a blessing and a privilage to see it work in others lives the way that it is here.

I love  my savior, i love this plan of salvation, i love faith, i love repentance and i love forgiveness.  I love that its available to all, on the same conditions of, faith, repentance, baptism, holy ghost, and enduring to the end. Prayer, reading the scriptures, attending church and taking the sacrament.  Loving others, forgiving others, improving in judgement, improving in understanding, improving in rendering service to others and to have a good time while doing these things are the best.

The church is true because joseph smith is a prophet of God.  Joseph smith is a prophet of God because God chose him to be.  God chose him to be a prohet so that we could have the fullness of this gospel.  God gives us the fullness of the gospel because he loves you and wants us to choose to follow Him so that we can be the most happy in life.  We can know this if we ask God, in the name of Christ if these things are not true, and the Holy Ghost will manifest the truth of it to you. see moroni 10:3-5

Until next week, tenga un bien dia!

Week 8


New comps! Elder Langinbelik and Frandsen

This week has been amazing. We did some service for the an organization and worked with one of the high school football combines they had here in texas it was really neat.  We are working with several investigators, a few hopefully for baptism in this transfer.  Elder Golden toured our mission this week, it was aweseome to speak and learn from him. we loved it.  My companions are awesome, elder Langinbelik and Frandsen are way awesome.  We work super hard, especially on bikes!  We have a lot of appointments this week and we hope to do everything the Lord would have us and pray that the people would use their agency the best and put God first in their lifes. Ezra Taft Benson taught that when we put God first in our lives, everything else is put into their proper order.  Which means we pray everything, repent, study scripture and give service to others.


There are many people prepared here in Texas.  It is the greatest blessing to serve the living God, to serve Him, and answer to Him in all things.  I love God, i love the Savior Jesus Christ.  I am so grateful that He willingly gave up His life, for everyone, he is my personal savior.


Service – Gridiron Classic



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