Weeks 10 -11 Houston!

The past two week have been great, a lot going on.

We have a few progressing investigators who have dates in August, hopefully they continue in the gospel and learn of all the goodness of christ through faith and repentance.

My bike i was using broke and so this last week we were trying to find a replacement part for a decent price but a member gave us a bike, a road bike to use which is great.

Studying prayer is amazing, if you all have a little bit, i would invite you to read the description under “prayer” and follow the scripture references, stuff that may have already been studied can still be great to learn.  God is a God of repetition, in terms of teaching us in how to BECOME and not just to ‘know’ something.

Anyways we are working super hard, its the end of the transfer and so there might be a change in companionships… we will see. I love the area and meeting new people whose light of christ will recognize the spirit and respond to the message of Christs restored gospel.



July 4th!


















Correlation  7/12



Pday downtown a few weeks ago!


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